Benton Park

A Circa Guide to Benton Park

The Benton Park Neighborhood is named after St. Louis Missouri's second oldest park. From its beginnings as early as 1836 with the sale of the St. Louis Commons until today, this neighborhood has maintained a prominent place in the city's heritage. With Benton Park's age and architecture, in 1985 it had earned the distinction as the largest historic district in St. Louis when the Landmarks completed a voluminous nomination into the National Register.









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Did you know? 
"Originally named City Park, the park was later renamed after Thomas Hart Benton, the first U.S. Senator representing the people of Missouri. "

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What's Nearby?
  • Benton Park Cafe

    n addition to gourmet coffee drinks, we serve a selection of healthy snacks, omelets, breakfast burritos, breakfast pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.
  • Benton Park

    One of the principal attractions is an artificial lake, a rustic bridge and a greenhouse.In recent years, Benton Park has been completely remodeled and attractively landscaped.
  • Venice Cafe

    Take a trip to the Caribbean without leaving St. Louis. The Venice Café in Benton Park offers the flavor and flair of the tropics in both its food and atmosphere.
  • Hodaks

    Located on Gravois and McNair, Hodak's has been St. Louis' premiere stop for chicken lovers since 1962! In an ongoing effort to serve our customers, our menu, specials, and more are now available at your fingertips!
  • Blues City Deli

    Enjoy a local deli known for their delicious sandwiches, there are many to choose from! Come and enjoy live music on select nights. A very popular lunch spot!
  • Ernesto's Wine Bar

    Ernesto's captures the passion for inquiry and adventure through the pairing of wine and food. Featuring an artisanal wine list, craft beers, and a seasonal dinner menu. Celebrate life!
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