A Circa Guide to Brentwood

Circa 1919: The city of Brentwood, referred to as the “City of Warmth,” is an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis County. Located just south of interstates 64 and 170, Brentwood is a quick commute to the resources of downtown St. Louis. While current-day Brentwood is a dynamic city with a keen eye to the future, it places a high value in the preservation of its historical roots. Today, Brentwood is home to 8,000 residents and a base of businesses that exceeds 650.

The proud hometown spirit is felt around every corner—in the beautiful neighborhoods, the charming parks, the well-known shops and restaurants, and at the many community events. Its schools are outstanding at all levels and its local economy is strong and diversified. With all of this, and more, Brentwood has set itself apart from the rest, and will continue to be a great place to visit and call home for years to come.

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Did you know? 
"Brentwood is a retail hub of St. Louis County, offering a Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, REI, Home Depot, Dierbergs and more. "

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What's Nearby?
  • OB Clark's

    Looking for the perfect spot to watch the big game? Look no further than O'B Clark's in Brentwood. For almost four decades, OB Clark’s has been family owned and is proud to have established a welcoming atmosphere of sports, beer, food and fun.
  • Saint Louis Galleria

    Whether you prefer a relaxing dinner at one of the mall's restaurants or a day spent shopping at your favorite stores, the Saint Louis Galleria offers a complete entertainment experience.
  • Carl's Drive In

    Carl’s Drive-In is a St. Louis institution. For 6 decades, they've kept history alive with a traditional menu and unique, 16 stool layout. The simple menu is anything but ordinary featuring crispy edged burgers, footlong hotdogs and homemade root beer.
  • The Promenade at Brentwood

    A place to get all your shopping done at once, The Promenade includes Trader Joe's, Target, ULTA, World Market, Micro Center, PetSmart and more.
  • Mai Lee

    Few chefs have been more influential over the past four decades in St. Louis than Lee Tran, founder of Mai Lee. Regarded as the very first Vietnamese restaurant in St. Louis, few restaurants of any kind can match Mai Lee’s consistent record of excellence.
  • Frank Papa’s Ristorante

    Frank Papa's menu presents a wide variety of Italian specialties ranging in both style and taste from Northern to Southern Italy. They take pride in creating traditional Italian meals with a contemporary American flare in creativity and style.
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