A Circa Guide to Hazelwood

Hazelwood is a second-ring suburb of St. Louis, located in northwestern St. Louis County, Missouri. The population was 25,703 as of the 2010 census.[6] Hazelwood, a northern suburb of St. Louis, is located north of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and is situated on Interstates 270 and 170, as well as the much-traveled Lindbergh Boulevard and Highway 370.
Total area 0.7 sq mi (1.8 km2)
Population 6,904 (3,808 /km2)
Zip code(s) Part of 63109


Circa's Listings in Hazelwood

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What's Nearby?
  • Ice Zone

    The iceZone offers a wide variety of skating programs that encourage beginner skaters and challenge the more advanced. Public Sessions and freestyle figure skating is also offered on a regular basis.
  • White Birch Bay Aquatic Center

    A large outdoor aquatic center complete with slides and splash activities.
  • St Louis Mills Mall

    St. Louis Outlet Mall opened in November 2003 and has become a community destination for St. Louis and the surrounding areas. With over 8 million visitors each year, 1.1 million square feet, over 50 events annually, and more than 150 stores.
  • Pueblo Nuevo

    Welcome to Pueblo Nuevo, serving St. Louis for over 30 years! Walking into our Restaurante and Catina, located off N. Lindbergh in Hazelwood, MO, you’ll instantly feel a liveliness and warmth mixed with enticing aromas of authentic Mexican cuisine.
  • Mattingly's Sport Bar and Grill

    The restaurant serves a large variety of food including 25 appetizers but is best known for its homemade pizza's and fresh chicken wings. "We make the pizza fresh every day and start out hand-rolling the pizza dough," Jim said.
  • St. Stanislaus Conservation Area

    The area was named for the former St. Stanislaus Seminary which used this site for a retreat. Old building foundations from this retreat still remain. Early French explorers named this historic bluff "La Charbonier," which means coal seam.
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