Lindenwood Park

A Circa Guide to Lindenwood Park

The Lindenwood Neighborhood is defined by Arsenal and 1-44 to the north, Watson and Chippewa to the south, Hampton on the east and the city limits to the west. Lindenwood is conveniently located to downtown, Clayton, Forest Park and its attractions, the Hill with its restaurants, and the Chippewa Ted Drewes frozen custard store. Even though Ted Drewes is officially located in another fine St. Louis neighborhood, you can walk across Chippewa, sit on the curb and enjoy eating your frozen custard in Lindenwood.

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What's Nearby?
  • Aya Sofia

    Aya Sofia has a romantic luxurious atmosphere combined with excellent upscale service and warm Turkish hospitality. Afiyet Olsun (Enjoy your meal)!
  • Ted Drewes

    Ted Drewes has been selling frozen custard and Christmas trees for decades, with an attention to quality that has made his trees and custard the finest in St. Louis.
  • Science Center

    The St. Louis Science Center uses videos, computers and learning exercises to teach visitors about the wonders of science.
  • Lindenwood Park

    The park serves as a neighborhood retreat, but is also used for community and business events with a permit from the Parks Department.
  • Stellina Pasta

    It is the mission of Stellina Pasta to provide our customers with the freshest, organic, handcrafted pasta available on the market today.
  • Smiles Coffee House

    Local St. Louis coffee house and cafe. A little gem of Lindenwood Park.
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