McKinley Heights

A Circa Guide to McKinley Heights

Thanks for stopping by! We’re excited to introduce you to this great St. Louis neighborhood. We’re still developing an online presence for this community. However, Circa agents know this area well and would be happy to make a personal introduction. Contact a Circa agent now.
Total area 0.7 sq mi (1.8 km2)
Population 6,904 (3,808 /km2)
Zip code(s) Part of 63109


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What's Nearby?
  • Fritanga Nicaraguan Cuisine

    "In Nicaragua a fritanga is a small, casual restaurant. A snack bar, if you will. St. Louis' Fritanga offers the laid-back, welcoming vibe that you'd expect at such a joint, but this is no mere snack bar."
  • Hodaks

    Hodak's has been St. Louis' premiere stop for chicken lovers since 1962! In an ongoing effort to serve our customers, our menu, specials, and more are now available at your fingertips!
  • John D. McGurk's Irish Pub and Garden

    Established in 1978 as a one room pub house, John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub and Garden has risen to the top of the class among the Irish Pubs in St. Louis. In fact, Esquire Magazine, in its June, 2011 Edition, saluting the best bars in America.
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