A Circa Guide to Wildwood

Wildwood is city of 68 square miles featuring beautiful panoramic views and scenery. Nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Wildwood sits at the doorstep of metropolitan St. Louis, blending a touch of city and country living unmatched in the St. Louis region. Wildwood is steeped in educational excellence, character, and natural beauty. Our community offers a diverse mix of residential and business settings, as well as being home to highly rated and recognized schools. We proudly preserve our rich history while we build Wildwood's future through vision and planning.
Total area 0.7 sq mi (1.8 km2)
Population 6,904 (3,808 /km2)
Zip code(s) Part of 63109


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What's Nearby?
  • Rockwoods Reservation

    Rockwoods Reservation was established in 1938, making it one of the oldest Conservation Areas. The 1,880-acre area provides opportunities to enjoy and learn about Missouri’s fish, forest and wildlife resources.
  • Historic Big Chief Roadhouse

    Big Chief has a celebrated history dating back to 1929. Having gone through many forms beginning as a cottage court to today as a full service restaurant and bar, Big Chief thrives on its unique character and place in history.
  • Table Three

    Located in the heart of Wildwood in the stylish new town center, Table Three offers fresh American Contemporary Cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Beautifully designed, the interior is a warm, eclectic mix of contemporary French and infused Bohemian style.
  • B & B Theaters

    B&B Theatres stands for Bills and Bagby, two families that both launched movie theatres and joined forces—for business and love—in 1980.
  • Dau Neu

    In a day an age when furniture shopping often is equated with being tricked into purchasing furniture that will fall apart in a few years, Dau Neu brings to you a fun, funky furniture buying experience. We specialize in custom options and made-to-order f
  • Wildwood Historical Society

    Located on the far western side of St. Louis County, Missouri, the City of Wildwood was incorporated in 1995. Two hundred years prior – and nine years before the Lewis & Clark Expedition.
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