Liz Rainey

Agent Spotlight: Liz Rainey

Q:  How did you get your start in real estate? Is it something you always envisioned yourself doing?

A: I actually started back when I was in college. I worked summers and breaks for a mixed-use real estate company in Miami. I started working in the accounting department and then eventually began helping the agents in the sales centers. At the time I did not know “what I wanted to be when I grew up.” Little did I know, I would become a full-time agent later. I originally started with Upper End Properties back in ’09. We joined forces with Circa in 2018.

Q: What was your career prior to making the transition into real estate? Did any of the skills carry over into your new career?

A: My last corporate job was VP of Membership & Education for a trade association. Since it was a national organization, I would have to travel extensively to meet with members, attend trade shows and network. I think that helped fine-tune my customer service skills. To maintain good relationships and repeat clients, you must provide excellent service. I really love the educational aspect of real estate and take classes to hone my skills, stay current in the market and pass the knowledge along to my clients. 

Q: Circa’s mantra is The Art of Partnership. How do you embody that in your day-to-day business strategy?

A: Buying and/or selling a home can be extremely stressful. Part of my responsibility as your agent is to help you feel at ease. We spend so much time together, either in person or on the phone, it’s vital that we are partners. 

Clients have many questions and I believe it’s important to be able to offer them the resources they need. I work hard to create strong connections with our vendors and partners to provide the best possible service. I like to be able to tell my clients “Yes, I can help you with that!”

Q: Circa hosts a number of charitable and social events throughout the year. Which event is your favorite, and why?

A: In my former career, I helped plan our conventions, parties and events and, little know fact, I worked for a catering company in college – so I love a party! I am a member of Circa’s Social Committee which plans events for our clients. I also serve on our Art of the Heart committee. Circa knows how to throw a good party so make sure next time you are invited to attend!

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering buying or selling their home with Circa? Why choose Circa over competing brokerages?

A: Simply put, Circa is a family. We walk hand-in-hand with our clients while getting your house ready to list, walking you through the process, helping you present your home in its best light and getting you the best offer, be it on the sale or purchase side. 

Q: How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

A: I love walking around town, it really helps me get a feel for the neighborhoods and community. When the weather is nice I love sitting out on patios at some of the amazing restaurants we have in town or visiting a farmers market. I’m an avid reader, so you can probably find me at the library on any given day.

I am also active with several local groups and non-profits including The Ronald McDonald House, NCJW Back to School Store, St. Patrick’s Center and Loyola Academy. 

Q: What’s your favorite St. Louis neighborhood, and why?

A: Tough question! I enjoy different areas for different reasons; University City for the many parks, Tower Grove for the Botanical Garden and great dining, Maplewood for the fun events, Webster for the great dining and shops,  South Grand Ave for the international food options. I could go on, and on – I love St. Louis and all the neighborhoods we have!

Q: What trip would you love to take once things return to “normal”?

A: I dream of going to Italy and exploring the different regions and cuisine. We recently watched Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy” series, which only increased my desire to travel there.

Q: What is St. Louis’ best kept secret/hidden gem?

A: I struggle to pick just one – in general, I would say that it’s a secret how many free and family-friendly events St Louis provides. During the summer, you can find a free activity or event pretty much every night of the week.  Follow my Instagram account @LizintheLou to see what I am up to each week in STL!

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