A Q&A with Tina Siebert, 2023 St. Louis REALTORS® President-Elect

On behalf of the management and leadership at Circa, we’d like to extend our warmest congratulations to Tina Siebert, the 2023 St. Louis REALTORS® President-Elect.

Circa and the St. Louis real estate community as a whole is a better place because of Tina’s selfless dedication to her craft. We cannot wait to watch her flourish in her new role, and are behind her every step of the way.

Q: Tina, first and foremost, Congratulations! What will the next year-and-a-half look like for you as you transition from Treasurer to President-Elect to President? 

A: My job each year of my leadership commitment is to ensure our strategic plan is in motion and at the forefront of our actions. As the 2022 Treasurer, I’m responsible for the financial goals of the organization both in its current year and into the long-term future. As the 2023 President-Elect, my job is to support our President Scott Haggerty; I’ll take on an expanded role in committees and be more involved in the day-to-day goals of the association (I literally become a member of about 6 committees!). My goal is to know the organization from the inside out for my presidency.

As President in 2024, my job will be to steer the ship. Our industry goes through changes and challenges; my job will be to put all my knowledge, experience and networking to work with the committees, Board of Directors and the Executive Team to be the best association our members deserve.

Q: What are you most looking forward to learning/accomplishing as President-Elect? 

A: I am a life learner 🙂 I’m always striving to learn more about our industry and processes. I will be involved in committees I haven’t been in before as President-Elect and President, so there’s a learning experience there. Being able to help 2023 President Haggerty achieve his goals and ensure our strategic plan stays in focus in all that we do. I believe in our strategic plan and plan to help engage more members in fulfilling those goals, especially community outreach and inclusion. 

Q: Why do you feel it’s important for St. Louis agents to get involved with their local association?

A: I guess I would say, “Why don’t you want to know how to better help your clients?” I am able to react and be more helpful for my clients with my association experience. There are government regulations being tossed around in the over 80 municipalities here in the St Louis Metro area. Our livelihood depends on our clients being able to buy, sell, lease and develop properties. When municipalities threaten that ability with red tape or regulations that can hurt property rights, how are you not getting involved? 

Finally, the educational and professional development offered by the association is outstanding. Just attending a few association events a year will benefit your business (and a lot of them are free!). When someone comes up and starts a conversation with “Why did the association do this?” or “Why don’t we do that?” I usually have an answer for them or can pick up the phone to get an answer super quick. 

Again, I would ask a St Louis REALTOR® why are you not taking advantage of this amazing benefit?

Q: What has been the most rewarding part about your involvement in St. Louis REALTORS® over the last 6 years?

A: I have a two-fold answer: one is the power of a united voice. An example: Property records in Missouri couldn’t be removed so if there was a racial or discriminatory covenant (even though unenforceable) it was still on your property record. The REALTORS® and other great advocates got together to change Missouri Law to enable them to be removed. Effective 8/28/2022, a current owner of the subject property may release an illegal restrictive covenant by completing and recording a “certificate of release’. 

The second answer is the experience, knowledge and friendship gained of some of the coolest, brightest and dedicated REALTORS® in our area and state. They make me strive to be a better REALTOR® just by being in their presence. 

About St. Louis REALTORS®: Established in 1877, St. Louis REALTORS® (formerly recognized as the St. Louis Association of REALTORS®) is an 8,000-member association dedicated to helping those within the city of St. Louis enjoy the American Dream of homeownership. Its members are dedicated to community advocacy, including “private property rights, increased opportunities for homeownership and a stronger region.”

To learn more about Tina Siebert, her role at St. Louis REALTORS® or the association itself, please reach out to Tina via email at tinasellsstlouis@gmail.com.

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