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Celebrating a closing while my clients enjoy a bottle of Champagne.

Adam Jacobson

The Jacobson Team
(314) 449-2330

About Adam

Hi there! I’m Adam. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a bit.

Born in 1993 in St. Louis Missouri, I am the son of a lawyer and a REALTOR® - and it shows in my methodical and personable approach to caring for my clients.

A lifelong student of achievement, I am a deep believer in modeling the greatest minds in whatever field I go into. Some call me a “fast learner” or “very observant”. The truth is, I am simply a curious person with unlimited access to the internet. Anyone is capable of learning and achieving great things. I myself happen to pursue knowledge with a love so intense that sometimes it feels like I’m going to burst.

I apply this same zest to the process of learning about your specific needs, as well as general real estate markets, consumer behavior, and legal considerations.

I make the process of buying or selling a house on your terms look easy and feel like fun. I’m big on respect, and I do everything I can to “operate in silence” so your life can continue uninterrupted while I go about the heavy lifting in the background. My father once told me that many hands make light work. Let me know how I can use my negotiation, marketing, and real estate experience to help ease your burden!

So, Why Work With Adam?

  • Certified with the National Association of REALTORS®
  • Over 11 years marketing & sales experience
  • Born with the “gift of gab", I'm able to work with a wide range of clients and tailor my negotiations to help my clients win big!
  • I LISTEN intently to discern both my clients most superficial and innermost needs so I can deliver accordingly!

Yearly Sales Volumes

2020 — $813,550


Cuisine — Asian, Mexican or Indian
Game — Texas Hold 'Em or Chess
Animé Studio — Ghibli
Visual Storyteller — Wes Anderson
Business Goal — Help 100 people find a home and 100 more sell one
Fitness Goal — Attend boxing, bjj, and yoga teacher training
Creative Goal — Produce and release my own record

About The Jacobson Team

The Jacobson Team is a family-run real estate team serving our local Saint Louis market since 2009.

We work closely with our valued clients, and are happy when our clients are. We ask the questions you didn’t know you needed answered, listen to what you have to say, and work with you to aspire to - and achieve - bolder, even more successful outcomes than you may imagine possible. Reach out today to discover the Jacobson Team difference, and join the family of satisfied customers that have kept our businesses humming with growth and activity all of these years.

Adam Jacobson
(314) 449-2330
Last Seen:

Celebrating a closing while my clients enjoy a bottle of Champagne.

Sandy Jacobson
(314) 580-1489
Last Seen:

Running in Forest Park.

Haley Jacobson
(314) 707-1280
Last Seen:

In the kitchen, cooking up Cambodian food.

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