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Picnicking and picture taking at Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Andrea Durway

The Dawn Griffin Group
(314) 610-8430

About Andrea

As the Operations and Marketing Manager for the Dawn Griffin Group, I work behind the scenes to make sure all of our systems and processes are optimized so our team is functioning at its highest level and our clients are receiving excellent care throughout their home buying and selling experience.

We are helping during what can be a very emotional and stressful journey, so my goal is to provide reassurance with every single interaction along the way. (Basically, we got this!) My background is in corporate marketing and communications, where I managed a team that provided support for five consulting branches and over 1,000 employees. Managing multiple projects is second nature to me. I made the leap to real estate in 2015 and haven't looked back. I was a former client of Dawn’s and was so impressed with the experience, that when I was ready to pursue a career change, I talked to her first.

Day-to-day I am focused on listing coordination and marketing - making sure the story of the homes we list are told in an engaging way and get exposure to the widest audience through social media and all the avenues available. Ongoing client care is woven into the fabric of our team. We are all doing it each and every day, but I make sure we keep in touch and provide continuing value to our clients. We want to be your real estate team for life. I grew up in the country (big skies! nature!) but have called St. Louis home for 20+ years (culture! job!) For fun I do art and science projects with my daughter, take road trips with my husband, test recipes on my friends and families, and work on home improvements to our mid-century ranch rambler near Grant's Farm.


STL Park — Laumeier Sculpture Park
Music — Bossa Nova, Jazz, Nina Simone, Liz Phair, Janelle Monae
Writers — Ross Gay, Roxane Gay, Ann Patchett, Lydia Davis
Movies — The Last Picture Show, Big Night, Lost in Translation
Magazines — Almost any home decor magazine
Restaurants — Mai Lee, Pint Size Bakery, Yolklore
Interests — Museums, roadtrips, nature
Hobbies — Thrifting, herb gardening, picnics, reading
Television — Schitt’s Creek, The Great British Bake Off, Nailed It
Travel — Back roads, creek beds, beaches, Colorado
Home Style — Live in mid-century ranch, appreciate nearly all
Community — Grantwood Village
Holiday — Thanksgiving
Words to Live By — Be a fountain, not a drain.
Pet — Abby the Cheese Dog, chihuahua rescue

About The Dawn Griffin Group

In 2015 Dawn, began cultivating a dynamic customer-focused team to help meet the needs of her growing client base. The Dawn Griffin Group has grown to include these six professionals, each laser-focused on their area of specialty. 

Dawn Griffin: Listing Specialist, Team Lead

Lance Appleby: A Buyer’s Specialist truly motivated by the hunt, Lance is an enthusiastic, driven, self-taught, critical thinker who thoroughly researches new endeavors. He is especially passionate about the city neighborhoods of St. Louis and his competitive spirit and genuine curiosity are hallmarks of a great Buyer’s Agent.

Tammy Clark: Tammy has a wealth of home improvement and business experience, which makes her a valuable resource, especially to first-time buyers who appreciate her in-depth construction and systems knowledge. Her warm, engaging, and careful approach makes her a sought after and trusted Buyer’s Specialist.

Andrea Durway: Andrea is our Operations & Marketing Manager who is deeply involved in the listing process with our clients. With a background in project management, communications, and graphic design, she makes sure our listings, our brand, and our clients are well-tended.

Kristin Fantozzi: Our unflappable, unstoppable, detail-oriented Transaction Coordinator who helps track all the moving parts and deadlines from contract-to-close. She’s always striving to improve the process and has never met a spreadsheet she didn’t love.

Emma Hand: Emma is the Client and Community Outreach Coordinator for the team. She has a keen ability to cultivate authentic connections between clients, community, and causes, and thrives on the synergy and goodwill that often results. She’s a win-win-win kind of person.

Sabina Hearty: Sabina applies the problem solving skills she honed in the recruiting industry with her real estate clients. She's an engaged listener who is resolute about "finding the right match". Her deep appreciation for the details that make every home "home" make her a valuable resource to homebuyers.

Providing excellent client care at every touchpoint is the driving philosophy of the group -- from our first interaction to closing day and beyond, The Dawn Griffin Group offers an outstanding customer experience.

Andrea Durway
Operations & Marketing Manager
(314) 610-8430
Last Seen:

Picnicking and picture taking at Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Dawn Griffin
Team Lead, Listing Specialist
(314) 541-3840
Last Seen:

Digging in the backyard with Josie and Wyatt.

Lance Appleby
Buyer's Specialist
(314) 623-4870
Last Seen:

Walking his dog at the Ruins in Tower Grove Park.

Tammy Clark
Buyer's Specialist
(314) 632-6116
Last Seen:

Sipping a Signature Ice Cream Martini at The Fountain on Locust.

Kristin Fantozzi
Transaction Coordinator
(618) 520-6481
Last Seen:

Chasing my kids on bikes while walking with my dog.

Emma Hand
Client & Community Outreach
(314) 707-8977
Last Seen:

Cloud watching at Forest Park.

Sabina Hearty
Buyer's Specialist
(314) 598-7295
Last Seen:

Grabbing a brew with friends at any of the great local breweries.

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