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Deciding between pad thai or yellow curry at King & I on South Grand.

Christopher Thiemet

The Christopher Thiemet Team
REALTOR®, Broker/Salesperson
(314) 412-0654

About Christopher

Christopher Thiemet (pronounced “THEME-it”) is a full-time, urban-minded REALTOR®/broker-salesperson, specializing in historic neighborhoods & older homes in and aroundSaint Louis City and the surrounding municipalities.

Christopher has a strong passion for what he does — customer service is the fuel that drives him, and he genuinely strives to create long-term, trusting relationships with each of his clients. Christopher's background in marketing, design and being formally trained as an educator allows him to connect and communicate with his clients on a unique and superior level.
A proud St. Louis native, Christopher attended St. Louis University High School and went on to earn an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Christopher spent his first years in the professional world working for a respected local graphic design & branding firm as a web developer and designer, only to be called into real estate field after purchasing his first home in Tower Grove South in 2001. Having been bitten by the real estate bug, he proudly founded and created the Circa Properties brand, and as a hobby also renovates properties in South City and owns/manages a portfolio of rental properties. In other words, "real estate is his thing!" 

So, Why work with Christopher & his team?

  • He offers unique, strategic and targeted marketing for home sellers — proven to work.
  • He is a diligent tour guide and teacher about the neighborhoods & unique homes of St. Louis.
  • He is known for his genuine, honest and candid advice and advocation.
  • He provides trusted cousel and is often compared to a 'real estate therapist'.
  • He offers expert knowledge of market trends and negotiation strategies.
  • He develops properties personally: this means he knows what sells, what won’t, and what might pose challenges for both buyers & sellers.
  • He can help investors / rehabbers successfully transform an “as-is” property into a “must-see” listing.
  • He embraces technology and has a unique background in marketing, design and education.
  • He knows people — he's got a stellar reputation for maintaining great working relationships with his colleagues, vendors and partners.
References are always available upon request. 

Yearly Sales Volumes

2020 — $29,685,103 (110 homes)
2019 — $21,478,837 (86 homes)
2018 — $15,840,250 (67 homes)
2017 — $25,961,707 (94 homes)
2016 — $19,883,115 (88 homes)
2015 — $20,969,794 (97 homes)
2014 — $17,562,793
2013 — $15,348,380
2012 — $13,932,973
2011 — $12,241,400
2010 — $9,851,300
2009 — $9,803,653
2008 — $8,422,600


Parks — Tower Grove & Christy Park
Movie — American Beauty
Music Artists — Tom Misch & S.G. Lewis
Restaurant — King and I
Breakfast Joint — Southwest Diner
Neighborhood — Tower Grove South
Architect — William B. Ittner
Color — Gray
Snack — Sunflower Seeds
Pizza Toppings — Sausage & Pepperoni
Adult Beverage — Maker's Mark with Light Ice
Place I've Traveled — Hawaii, Ecuador & Cuba!
Smell — Vanilla
Pet — Olive (sssh, don't tell Dexter)

About The Christopher Thiemet Team

Christopher has assembled a fantastic team to support his clients, made up of Nathan Beckner and Natalie Horras. Both Nathan and Natalie are wonderfully professional, extremely organized, and as you'll see when you interact with them, are perfect fits for the style and level of customer service that is the signature of Christopher through the years.

Nathan Beckner: Nathan is a highly-motivated, detail-oriented agent who thrives on the fast-paced, ever-changing real estate environment. Nathan works closely with our clients as a team agent, helping buyers shop for homes and negotiate deals, as well as counsel sellers towards a successful listing and sale. His passion for design and architecture crosses over naturally into the real estate field, and it's easy to see that passion in all dealings with Nathan.

Natalie Horras: Natalie is a pure joy to be around, and loves the ownership of helping our teams clients get from the starting line to the finish line — safely and smoothly. Natalie manages the paperwork and dates, keeping our transactions on-time and on-focus. Plus, she helps with about 1,000,000 other details along the way, from meeting contractors for estimates to pinch-hitting when necessary in the field as a licensed agent.

Christopher Thiemet
Founder, Realtor®
(314) 412-0654
Last Seen:

Deciding between pad thai or yellow curry at King & I on South Grand.

Nathan Beckner
(314) 775-5051
Last Seen:

Taking a jog around Tower Grove Park.

Natalie Horras
Transaction Coordinator
(641) 451-0194
Last Seen:

At the Tower Grove Farmers Market waiting in line for Kounter Kulture.

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