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Napping on the concrete floor of Circa's Tower Grove office.


(314) 352-5200

About Loki

My first home wasn't the best, so the awesome folks at Dogs Deserve Better rescued me and found Christy Beilsmith to be my new human! She's a pretty great dog mom, and has taught me everything I know about real estate. We make a fantastic team! I may be the youngest agent at Circa at 2 1/2 years old, but don't count me out! It isn't easy to pass those real estate tests without opposable thumbs. Or any thumbs, for that matter!

You can find me most days at the office working a deal, napping, or — most importantly — keeping the spirits up of every human who walks through the Circa front door! Outside of work, I love being a City dog, patrolling my gorgeous Maplewooe neighborhood, and taking long hikes in the woods on the weekends when we aren't out showing houses! Other hobbies include eating peanut butter out of a Kong (why do they make it so hard!), chasing a ball for approximately 30 seconds, and napping.

If you are ever near the office, stop by and give me a pet! Seriously, I love pets.

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