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Introducing my kids to some kind of music from before they were born.

Mike Tomasello

(773) 396-6364

About Mike

I am originally from the Chicago area and like many non-STL-natives, I married into St. Louis. We lived in Chicago and I had an opportunity to relocate to St. Louis. My career began in technology sales after earning my MIS degree from University of Milwaukee. During my time in tech I always had a fascination with real estate and spent years reading every book I could get my hands on. Using the means from my success in technology sales I started doing some investing on the side. Eventually I realized that my real passion is real estate and decided to start over in a new career to pursue that passion.

Outside of work I enjoy and am mildly obsessed with CrossFit. I try to do something active almost every day of the week. Other than that, you will find me dividing and conquering the busy life of young kids with my wife and finding time for a nice dinner or drink in my back yard.

So, Why Work With Me?

My experience in technology shows, I leverage any and all technical tools and data to help my clients. I use my past investing, buying, selling, and rehabbing properties to provide my clients with additional insights in all different types of transactions. Real estate is a big investment and I am here to protect you throughout each step of the transaction.

Before I joined Circa, I was a client and I saw first-hand how they hand how they operated, and I knew this was the place I wanted to be. When working with me we are going to have fun, sometimes share some sarcastic jokes, laugh at the occasional decorating or rehab choice but at the end of the day I respect that my clients are making large financial decisions and I am here to guide them through the process.


Food — Seafood
Sports Team — Chicago Bears (Love/Hate Relationship)
Activity — CrossFit, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, Anything active and exciting
Movie/TV Show — Anything with Aliens, spaceships, the future or more action than plot
Comedy — Sarcasm/Practical Jokes
Vacation — Anything involving an adventure (usually warm weather)
Music — Rock Music
Guilty Pleasure — Fantasy Football, Twitter
Favorite Dish To Cook — Anything grilled or smoked
Dislikes — Packing, traffic, rainy days, Stink Bugs
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