A Circa Guide to Demun

The Hi-Pointe-DeMun Historic District is a historic district that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. The district, commonly referred to as "DeMun," is a neighborhood straddling the city limits of St. Louis, Missouri and Clayton, Missouri. The district is roughly bounded by Clayton Road to the south, Big Bend Boulevard to the west, Northwood Avenue to the north, and Skinker Boulevard to the east, and consists of two subdivisions: DeMun Park and Hi-Pointe.

Circa's Listings in Demun

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What's Nearby?
  • Demun Oyster bar

    The Oyster Bar is proud to have Executive Chef Ben Edison at the helm of our kitchen. Ben has expanded and elelavated the Oyster Bar menu with innovative seafood dishes as well as delicious meat and poultry offering.
  • Kaldi's Coffee

    The original Kaldi’s Coffehouse is situated in the historical DeMun neighborhood of Clayton overlooking Concordia Park. We first opened our doors here in 1994. Since then, fans have come from far and wide to enjoy our coffee drinks, housemade pastries, ve
  • Katie's Pizza

    At Katie's Pizza we strive to provide the freshest organic ingredients, simple yet delicate recepies that capture the very essence of the areas they are derived from.
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