John Voirol

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Saint Louis

3353 Roger Pl
Saint Louis, MO 63116

Office: 314-352-5200
Direct: 314-366-0454


Helping clients navigate the real estate market was an instant and natural feeling fit for me. All the skills I had been developing for years in corporate positions - teamwork, management, & elevating the customer experience - came together and I excelled quickly in this role, and at running my own business. Working with both buyers and sellers allows me to have my finger on the pulse of current market conditions and understand which strategies are effective today.

My foundational ideas around customer service, which I hold sacred, were instilled in me by countless mentors at Nordstrom. It was there I learned that serving the client’s needs by being genuinely curious creates space for a more authentic and connected customer experience. I’m deeply rewarded by being an advocate for my clients and their best interest while helping them avoid pitfalls. This is why I think of myself as a guide or consultant, not a salesperson.

After Nordstrom, I sold records management and video deposition services for a nationwide court reporting company where I sharpened my business-to-business skills. Our product connected hundreds of law firms, in different cities, who needed to depose the same witness and share medical records virtually. This was a master class in problem-solving, negotiation, and process development which have proven very useful in real estate.

So, why work with The John Voirol Group?

I’m upfront and transparent about every step of my process before you hire me, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Exceptional service and a deep knowledge of my craft are to be expected and as a bonus, you’ll be working with a really nice person who sincerely cares about your experience. Over 70% of my business comes to me by referral from past clients which is a testament to how well-cared for people feel after working with me, and my Google reviews are all 5 stars.

  • Over $70M of real estate sold
  • References are available upon request.
  • A no-pressure, data-driven approach
  • Thoughtful and timely communication
  • Experience with historic masonry homes
  • An extremely organized process from A to Z
  • A local, independent St. Louis-based brokerage
  • Industry connections for a seamless experience
  • Intimate knowledge of St. Louis’s neighborhoods
  • Knowledge of current market conditions & effective strategies
  • Focused on homes of character in neighborhoods with personality

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