Walkable Communities & Neighborhoods of Character

Saint Louis City

Explore the Neighborhoods of Saint Louis City

79. That's the number of individual neighborhoods in 63 square miles that make up the City of St. Louis. So, there's a neighborhood for everyone! Depending on what your lifestyle wants and needs are, you'll have a variety to choose from. Rely on your Circa REALTOR® to be a match-maker and tour guide of our wonderful 79 individual neighborhoods of St. Louis, known affectionately as "Brick City" (just drive around and you'll understand why). :)

Saint Louis County

Get to Know the Neighborhoods of Saint Louis County

Did you know that St. Louis County is made up of 91 individual municipalities? St. Louis County, Missouri, is a large urban county with a population of 1 million located next to the City of St. Louis. Each neighborhood or municipality is known for its own unique personality and make-up. Get to know them by exploring the links below!