The home buying process can be full of thrilling highs, discouraging lows and a whole lot of confusing middle ground.

There’s the excitement of finding your dream home online, only to discover it’s under contract before you ever had the chance to see it. The frustration of losing out on multiple bidding wars and feeling like the odds are simply stacked against you. The elation of finding an agent who finally understands your needs, but cautiously wondering if they’ll put them above their own.

It’s no longer about knowing what you want or even where you want it. It’s about having the right connections, crafting the right offers and doing it all with impeccable timing. Does your REALTOR® fit the bill?

Partnership — Our Preferred Approach to Buying.

Inventory is historically low, how will that impact my home search? Why are so many homes selling off-market? What’s an escalation clause, and will using one help me get my dream home?

If you’ve found yourself asking similar questions recently, then you know that the real estate landscape is changing at an accelerated pace. With technology on their side, buyers have become more proactive, knowledgable and driven than the buyers who came before them. The field is crowded and access to superb partnership is often in short supply.

We believe every buyer deserves a REALTOR® who has the empathy to understand needs, budget and lifestyle. Who has the patience to answer early-morning phone calls and late-night questions. Who has experience at the negotiation table and a laser focus that can get you to the closing table.

So, be choosy about your Buyer’s Agent. You’ll thank us later.

The Circa Difference

What’s the Circa Difference? Perhaps one of our own agents summed it up best: “Circa celebrates the unique character of each and every community we serve.”

It’s a respect and reverence that provides our clients with hyper-focused market knowledge of St. Louis’ neighborhoods and the unique homes that line their streets. A conviction that there’s a right home in the right neighborhood at the right price point – even if it takes a little bit of digging.

A truly great Buyer’s Agent is so much more than a tour guide or chauffeur around our beautiful town. A Buyer’s Agent is your listening ear, your trusted confidant, your gifted negotiator and your staunch advocate.

Obsessed with intricacy, Circa agents are driven by the desire to get their clients to the closing table as efficiently as possible. Would you risk trying to buy a home any other way?

Now, To The Good Stuff...


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Want to Know More?

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