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Preposition (often preceding a date) Approximately: “built circa 1935”.

around – round – about

A commonly used term in the real estate industry, “circa” expresses the approximate date a home was built. It is frequently used with older construction, when the actual date is unknown.

While a small gesture, we pay homage to the circa date of every one of our listings. Whether a century home or new construction – every home has a story – and we long for the chance to tell it.

Then, and Now.

Founded in 2007 with a specific vision in mind, Circa was originally dedicated to a niche corner of the St. Louis market with a special focus on historic architecture and vintage properties.

Assisting in the sale of these unique homes required an elevated level of market knowledge and understanding. As a result, Circa quickly became recognized for the collaborative spirit of its agents, as they were constantly working together to find solutions to unique problems like 100-year-old boilers and deed issues. The more invested we became in these homes of character, the more passionate we became for the city and community as a whole.

Fast forward a few years and you’ll find that while our mission has evolved, our passion hasn’t wavered. While we still love walkable communities and neighborhoods of character, today our footprint has expanded into all reaches of the St. Louis metropolitan and encompasses every type of property — young or old.

Circa Agents Are:

  1. Licensed, certified REALTORS® – a mark of professionalism in the industry
  2. Full-time real estate practitioners – not moonlighters
  3. Neighborhood Specialists with deep knowledge of St. Louis and experience with all types of homes
  4. Staunch advocates for The Art of Partnership – Circa’s brand standard for excellence in service
  5. Savvy marketers and confident negotiators – skills that benefit both sellers and buyers
  6. Neighbors first, REALTORS® second – grounded by our mission to be welcoming St. Louisans who value community and a “sense of place”
  7. Lovers of Local – ardent supporters of the corner coffee shop, the secondhand bookstore and the neighborhood cafe

Small, But Mighty

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